All major religious traditions embrace a core responsibility to care for the sick.

For generations, the faith community has acted on that mandate: People of faith created history’s first-ever charity hospitals. We provide direct care all around the world. And we often present a unified front to defend existing healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Today, we are blessed to live in a time of historic opportunity to do even more to meet the obligations of our sacred teachings:  Americans across the political spectrum share deep frustration with our current healthcare system. They embrace access to healthcare as a human right. They demand change.

The faith community can help make that change happen.

Generations of “walking the walk” ministering to the needs of the sick endows us with moral authority on the issue. This privilege has been hard-earned by persons of faith toiling on the front lines of care and advocacy.

Our Faith in Healthcare publication lifts up those inspiring examples of faith community action. Our issues feature Christian, Jewish, and Muslim advocates telling their stories and affirming their shared commitment to healthcare for all.  At the same time, we highlight opportunities to make an historic impact on issues like prescription drug pricing and universal healthcare.

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Our editor is Fran Quigley, who directs the Health and Human Rights Clinic at Indiana University McKinney School of Law. Fran is an active member of multiple faith-based advocacy groups. He has authored multiple books on human rights, and published dozens of articles on access to healthcare in mainstream venues like the New York Times and The New Republic and faith publications including Sojourners and America.

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Today, too many of our brothers and sisters are suffering. They go without the care and medicines they need and deserve. But we carry the prescription for their healing in our pockets.